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The Mobion® Chip Breakthrough

MTI Micro's Mobion® technology is based on work contained in more than 110 patents (either granted or in application) that have collectively "cracked the code" on bringing DMFC power to hand held electronics.

The company has made a number of truly breakthrough discoveries which we believe will lead to a reliable, manufacturable and affordable DMFC power pack design that has significant benefits over the status quo lithium-ion battery packs and competing micro fuel cell designs.

These breakthroughs and patents have allowed the Company to make substantial progress optimizing its Mobion® technology. Most recently with the introduction of the Mobion® Chip platform, which has resulted in a number of critical advantages, making it a milestone in portable fuel cell technology.

MTI Micro's proprietary Mobion® chip architecture significantly reduces the complexity of a fuel cell system's internal construction thereby reducing manufacturing costs, increasing performance, and enabling further system miniaturization. These factors are critical for the successful launch of fuel cell products in the consumer market

The state-of-the-art Mobion® chip platform integrates a power module with fluid conditioning that allows the system to run in a wide environmental range including temperatures from 0C to 40C at any humidity level - an industry standard and a requirement of many OEMs who want to integrate fuel cells into their products.

In preparing Mobion® for commercialization, this injection molded chip is being designed for high volume mass manufacturing. In addition, MTI Micro's team has continued integrating more functionality into its chips while reducing its part count, ultimately achieving one molded piece - the Mobion® chip. The Mobion® chip is 9ccs in size, small enough to fit in the palm of a hand.

The chips are based on 100% methanol feed, passive, direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) technology, and represent a number of scientific breakthroughs that the Company believes will ultimately enable it to power portable devices longer than lithium-ion batteries, while allowing for instant, cord-free re-charging.

The Mobion® chip can be used in orientation independent systems and in laboratory testing, it has demonstrated power of over 84 mW/cm2 while producing 1.4 Wh/cc of energy from the fuel. Based upon recently reviewed data published by competitors, Mobion® chips can produce two to three times more power.

More power
  • Passive DMFC, 100% methanol
Mobion chips
Improved performance over competitor technology
  • >84mW/cm2 and 1.4whr per cc of fuel
Small enough for consumer market
  • Chip size 9cc
Easier and cheaper to mass manufacture
  • 1 molded piece
Modular design
  • One chip fits all
Lighter weight
  • Weighs less than 1oz
Temperature range now at par with Li-ion
  • 0C to 40C and runs at any humidity level


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